Millenium Window

  The Millennium Window, Durham Cathedral,
SUSY 2005

The  Millennium Window to Particle Physics

The 13th International Conference

on Supersymmetry
and Unification
of Fundamental Interactions
July 18-23, 2005, IPPP Durham


Accommodation and cost :

Participants will be accommodated and fed at nearby Collingwood College at the University of Durham. The College is approximately five minutes walk from the Science Site. The total cost will be:

Participants who wish to arrange their own accommodation will be charged the £100 registration fee. This fee does not include any food (other than the conference banquet), however it will be possible for participants to have lunch in Collingwood College without reserving accommodation. The cost will be approximately £8/day, please contact conference secretary Linda Wilkinson ( to arrange this.

We have already booked 140 (Ensuite) and 120 (Standard) single rooms, at Collingwood College for the SUSY05 conference. 10 of them are twin rooms for those who want to bring spouses or friends.